Lifestyle Screens

Your garage can serve so many purposes… secure storage, a safe place to park your vehicle, and a great place to hang out in the summer months for relief from the hot sun. But what do you do when the mosquitoes and flies come out in full force? Spend the rest of the summer indoors?

With our new Lifestyle Screens at Central MN Door Service, you no longer have to spend your summer days inside the house hiding from the bugs. Lifestyle Screens work in conjunction with your garage door, so you can enjoy the greatness of summer without the annoyances of the pests. Lifestyle Screens can be ordered to fit your garage door, and can be customized with a built-in screen patio door for easy access in or out.

Lifestyle Screens are a great way to screen in your garage without the expense of a motorized roll down screen. The Lifestyle Garage Screen is fully spring loaded, which makes opening and closing quick and easy.

You can go from basic garage to a cool, bright, pest-free space that's perfect for entertaining in seconds. When you're done enjoying your time outdoors, just retract the Lifestyle Screen, and use your garage door as normal.

Contact us at Central MN Door Service with any questions about our Lifestyle Screens, or to order yours today!