Your Garage Doors... Your First "Welcome Home"
At Central Minnesota Door Service we provide residential garage doors that are functional, efficient and eye-catching.

Your garage doors are typically the first "welcome home" you receive after a long day of work. However, when they don’t function properly it’s not very welcoming. Adding to that, your garage doors have a great deal of significance on your home’s outward appearance — making it look great or causing it to be the ugly duckling of the block. Make the right choice; choose Central Minnesota Door Service for all your garage door needs.

At Central Minnesota Door Service we have methodically aligned ourselves with the industry’s finest garage door manufacturers to provide you with a vast selection of door types and design styles. We truly are your one-stop-shop - from standard doors to uniquely beautiful doors - we carry, install, and service it all.

Whether you're building a new house or looking to upgrade the garage doors on your existing home, make your first call to Central Minnesota Door Service... 320-632-4880.

Residential Garage Doors for Every Style & Need

Door Materials

Wood panel garage door with glass windows

Natural Wood     Steel & Composite     Aluminum & Glass


Diagram of garage door insulation options

Insulated     Uninsulated

Carriage House Style Doors

Large, fancy home show casing Carriage House Style Garage Doors

You can never go wrong with the uncompromising elegance and added curb appeal of a Carriage House style overhead door. Not only are there numerous door/window combinations to choose from, but this type of addition can actually add value to your home. This style of garage door is specifically and carefully manufactured to resemble historic carriage house doors that were meant to swing, fold or slide. Fortunately our Carriage House Garage Doors are well-equipped with modern overhead door technology and available in a variety of materials with or without insulation.

Door Imagination...

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